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Episode 32: DEAR DIARY #5

On todays DEAR DIARY I review the new Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody and play some of my favourite songs that are on A NIGHT AT THE OPERA BY QUEEN(Seaside Rendezvous and Death on Two Legs) , I also talk about the upcoming holiday madness in the hospitality industry


On this Episode I sat down with Em Chambers and Chansa ,Em is a Singer and Song writer she has a album out on Spotify and Apple called CARDS OF LIFE ,CHANSA is a musician as well and is focused on his app he co-founded SEEN ON SEEN a mobile app for Artist to connect with their fans , we talk about music the music industry and the SEEN APP which is available at the APP STORE and much more



On this Episode I sat down with my good friend Andrew Miller, Andrew is Canoe/ White Water Raft Guide who uses his experience of camping and overnight trips to promote awareness and  positivity throughout people communities, Andrew is focused on staying true to himself , leading trips with youth and first time outdoor adventurers